By Brian:

Whenever someone asks me what I do for a living and I respond that I am a collector for a collection agency the next question is normally “how do you do it”?Reputable Collection Agencies

My response is that it’s a good job to have, my job benefits all parties involved in the actual collection and I enjoy helping people. I am never surprised at the thoughts that run through someone’s mind thinking how bad the job is and how stressful it must be when in actuality it’s a pleasure to help those in need throughout the country.

Just like any other job out there, you don’t know what it’s like unless you’ve done it before. It’s nice to be able to educate consumers on what their options are whether or not they are familiar with the collection process and receive positive feedback as a result. Providing options to a consumer, being professional and respectful are some of the many things that create a healthy environment while on the phone. I feel comfortable with what I do and understand the importance of my role and the role of American Profit Recovery with respect to the economy.

You have to be able to relate to who you are talking to and having them understand that you would like to help. The effects of a positive relationship between a debt collector and consumer create results that greatly impact businesses of all sizes as well as the consumer’s financial situation.  We are putting money back into the economy, keeping businesses open and costs to their customers down.

It’s a great feeling to actually help consumers figure out a solution for the situation they are in by understanding the financial difficulties that they are faced with and working together to help them get out of debt as well as hearing ”thank you” at the end of the call. So in my opinion it is really that good!

Published On: November 30th, 2016Categories: Advice for Businesses

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