I do love this time of year, as it seems everyone has a little more pep in their step and a smile on their face coming into the Holidays.  It is a time of giving and a time to be thankful for our families and friends.  Many people get to see loved ones that they may not have seen in a long time.

It is also a time to reflect on the, soon to be, year gone by.  It is a great time to see what you accomplished this year and to also plan for a great year to come!  As I reflect on the year gone by here at APR, I can’t help but smile and be grateful.

Here are a few things that I look back at:

  1. We have a truly great team!  It makes me very proud to walk in the office and be surrounded by a bunch of truly great people.  We really do have a family atmosphere here at APR.  Everyone seems to care for each other’s success and will go out of their way to help.  It is nice to home at work.
  2. We have added 357 new clients this year.  The name of the game is to HELP businesses!  We love the fact that a good portion of our new clients come from referrals.  I think it speaks volumes on the service we provide and the success we have had for our clients.  The entire team here cares about helping our clients, from admin, to I.T., collections, customer service and of course, sales.
  3. We purchased another agency this year.  We were not looking to acquire anyone, they came to us because they wanted someone to take care of their clients, and they had heard nothing but good things.  It was our honor to be able to work with their clients and help them out as well.
  4. We had a few employees that had babies this year!  There is nothing better than being a parent. ( most days)  My kids are 15+ now, but I still vividly remember them being born and the joy of coming home each day to their faces.  I love to see these employees beam with pride as they expand their family and to see the person they have become through the years of being here at APR.  Several of these new parents have been with us for many years, right out of college.  We LOVE adding to our APR family around here!!
  5. We have spent many hours looking at new and improved ways to work with consumers and better enhance our recoveries for our clients.  Technology can be a good thing, from software to client management, to automation.  We have made some nice advancements in all of those areas this year.  Not always easy, by the way, but satisfying to know we are staying on the cutting edge.

These are just a few, I am sure I could think of many more.  Lastly, this is a good time of year for you and your business to take a good look at your receivables and determine where you are sitting.  Keep in mind that as the new year comes, many consumers will be faced with the consequence of their kind giving spirit! ( Credit card bills, yikes!)  It is best for you to stay on top of that now and look for some help if you need it.

As we come to a close on 2018, I want to say thank you!  Thank you to our clients, thank you to our employees, thank you to our partners, thank you to our vendors and thank you to my family and friends.  It has been a great 2018 and I am looking forward to a FANTASTIC 2019.  Cheers!

Published On: December 16th, 2018Categories: Team APR

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