Despite this weekend’s 20-year-old record snow fall and record lows…Burr, American Profit Recovery employees and their families will be taking the plunge for the Special Olympics for the second year in a row! I am glad that we are making this an annual event, as I have been an active supporter of the Special Olympics since I was on the high school swim team.  One of my teammates, who had more passion for the sport than anyone else I have ever met, had a disability and was an active Special Olympic athlete.

Looking back all those years ago I still remember 5:45 AM practices, where I was struggling to find the energy to keep my eyes open, let alone stretch while he was cracking jokes to make us all smile. We knew all he ever wanted was to compete on a team, just like anyone else. I am sure everyone knows someone like my friend, who even though they had a disability, wanted so fervently to compete in a sport.

I know that just by taking time to take the plunge or to share my friends story, I am helping athletes all across the state, and country compete in the sport that they are passionate about.  It makes me so happy to work for a company that would be an event sponsor for the Special Olympics.

Please, join APR his weekend, Sat Jan 11, 2014 at 1:15 pm, at the Brighton Polar Plunge:

Event information page:

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