Every day we help clients reset passwords that they have either forgotten or need to reset because they have been locked out due to the fact they haven’t logged into our website for a certain period of time.  Many times people get frustrated with this and don’t understand why we have such strict security measures in place.

I, however, spoke to one of my clients last week who was using a random password generator and was happy to know we had such strict rules not only because he wants to make sure his patients information remains secure but also because he had just read an article from the New York Times talking about how easy it is for hackers to access your information online.

I was of course intrigued and immediately went in search of this article.  I actually found quite a few but I have attached a link to my favorite.  It not only discusses why you should not use the same password for every website but tips on how to create passwords that aren’t easily hacked.

After reading this article, I have some passwords to change!  For our clients that aren’t fans of the strict security we have in place I hope that you read this article and know that we have your and your customers/patients best interest in mind.  After all, if it was your name, address, phone number, social security number, etc. being submitted to collections wouldn’t you want to know that not just anyone can access it?


Published On: October 23rd, 2013Categories: Advice for Businesses, Advice for Consumers

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