While reading this article on MSN Money today, I was thinking about how this applies to my life and decisions that I make when I make a purchase.  I know that there is always pressure from society to have the newest and best of everything and I almost fell victim to this idea a few weeks ago.  I had just shattered the screen on my phone and instead of paying the $100 fee to get a refurbished phone from insurance, I decided to go to my phone carrier and look into upgrading my phone. I did my research before going in and knew what phone I wanted.

Upon getting in the store and meeting with the sales associate, I told him what phone I wanted and from there he starting showing me around to the more expensive high-tech phones and trying to talk me out of the phone that I wanted.  The phone that I wanted was not an outdated or low-tech phone, it was a great phone with more features then I needed and within my allotted budget but was not an iPhone or the most recent model of that phone.  I went in knowing what I wanted but felt pressured to get a phone that had more features than I would ever use as well as being three times more expensive!  Feeling too pressured by this pushy salesman, I ended up leaving the store empty-handed and a little discouraged.  I went home and took a couple of days to think about my options and ended up going with the phone that I had originally wanted and was within my budget and it has turned out to be an amazing phone.  I think that too many times, we decide to purchase more expensive items with societal image pressures leading our decisions instead of taking a step back and trying to figure out what is within our means.



Published On: October 11th, 2013Categories: Advice for Consumers

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