There are so many important aspects when it comes to building a thriving organization. There are the obvious parts of a business such as creating a great product or service, pricing and marketing those appropriately, finding your target market and so much more.

But building a sustainable company also involves having the right team that can move things forward on a consistent basis. Finding that team and building longevity with those individuals means that you need to build a culture that allows them to thrive as well.

Employees thrive when they feel a sense of purpose. And when they feel their work is necessary, as well as needed, the result is an organization that thrives as a whole.

Reputable debt collection professionals serve a purpose

All you need to do is go to our blog and click on Team APR to read the countless personal accounts of our team members, especially those in our debt collection department. Yes, that ultimate goal is to collect money but their purpose goes far beyond that. By helping consumers navigate tough times or financial disputes with businesses, it helps them build trust that ultimately ends up resolving these matters. Yes, our collectors do need to collect a debt, but if they get on a call with the mindset of helping that consumer, it provides a sense of purpose and is far more effective than just demanding payment.Purpose

Helping businesses with much-needed cash flow

The clients we serve are businesses that have supplied a consumer with a service, or a product as requested. They have provided that to the consumer with the understanding that they will in turn meet a certain financial obligation. When that does not happen, sometimes getting the help of a third-party collection agency is the only way that a business can resolve the dispute. Our collection team understands that they are an integral part of helping that business…stay in business. They either do not have the internal resources to continue collection activity or need a third party to create some urgency around getting the bill paid.

Our debt collection team is part of the economic health of this country

The debt collection industry returns billions of dollars each year to the US economy. This helps businesses thrive, maintain positive cash flow, as well as pay their workforce. Businesses that cannot get paid for what they provide a consumer ultimately have to make choices with limited cash flow. Debt collections provide a critical service to these businesses and in turn, provide a necessary shot to our overall economy. Our team plays a small but vital part in the overall economic conditions of this country.

Serving our local communities

Our team, alongside ownership, has made community service part of the culture of American Profit Recovery. We have participated in a number of projects that help others. These include raising money for breast cancer awareness, purchasing presents for families in need, helping our veterans, and of course helping our own team by helping to raise scholarship money. Don’t believe all those nightly news magazines about debt collection agencies. We take care of our community as well as everyone else.

The proof is in the consumer compliments

We have been tracking consumer compliments for several years here. These are compliments that a consumer has given to a debt collector for helping them resolve a financial matter. Yes, it happens every single day. One of the most common things a consumer says to a collector is “I appreciate your help.” Or, “you have been extremely helpful.” When our collectors can help a consumer, they help the business at the same time. And everyone wins. The business gets their money, the consumer is able to pay off a debt, and the two are able to do business as usual.

Being a bridge in mending a relationship, is purpose.

Published On: May 25th, 2022Categories: Team APR

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