A couple quick tips for all of the Service Assistant users out there to make your days a little bit easier.

–          Did you know that you can pull a customer up right from your “Start Collections w/ APR” screen?  When you have your list of collection candidates pulled up you can double click on their name and it will pull their customer screen up.  This will save you a few clicks should you need to do some research on a customer before you send them to APR.  You can also do this when you “Manage APR Accounts (stops)” by again, clicking on their name.

–          Did you know you can move the columns (i.e. Name, Amnt Due, etc.) in the “Start Collections w/ APR” screen?  This is very advantageous to do with the Tier column.  The Tier column is to the right of the Amount Due and you need to scroll over to see it.  If you left click and hold the column header (Tier) you will be able to move that column to the left.  I recommend storing the Tier column next to the Address column.  I also recommend moving the Contact column over to the far right (there typically isn’t much stored in that column).  If you use Installment billing I also recommend moving this column (Installments) to the left as well.  This will help you better identify these billing types and adjust any balances, due to the installments, prior to sending to APR.  The best part about doing this is you only have to do it once and it will stay (or stick) there for you when you login again.

I hope these prove to be helpful and, as always, please feel free to contact us if you should need any assistance.

Published On: August 5th, 2013Categories: Advice for Businesses

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