Quite often we receive calls from clients who have heard from a consumer who is in our Tier II program.  This consumer has generally called stating something such as: they would like to make payments to you now or that they didn’t like who they spoke to at APR and they would rather work with you.  Sound familiar?

So you may ask, why shouldn’t we ‘call off the dogs’ and work with this person.  They have finally contacted me and they want to pay me now.  What do I need APR for?

There are several reasons why you do not want to work with a consumer once they are in Tier II and here are just a few.

First, did you know that according to the FDCPA  harassment is illegal. Two parties attempting to collect a debt could be construed as harassment depending on the situation and facts?  This puts not only APR at risk, but your company as well.

Second, and we see this all the time … the consumer may not like the payment terms they were given and now they think they can get a better deal out of you.  More often than not, you may get a payment or even two but eventually you are going to get the same old excuses you have been hearing over and over before you sent us that account.  They stop communicating and now you can’t get them back on the phone and you never receive the full balance you were owed.

Third, you hired us for a reason!  You needed help with your receivables and you turned to us for that help.  We want to help and get your money collected for you!  Remember, these are the accounts that have ignored you for months, they have not paid you for services provided or products provided.  Let us do what you hired us to do and get that money collected for you.

If you have heard from a consumer who is in Tier II let them know they need to work with APR and give them our Tier II line to call, 877-588-8577, and we will be happy to help them resolve this bill and get you paid!


Published On: August 28th, 2013Categories: Advice for Businesses

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