By Ethan;

Growing up, my birthday was one of the most exciting days of the year. It was one of those days my parents didn’t have to get me out of bed for. I was totally aware that it was MY day and very excited for the celebration/presents/cake/birthday wishes … it was awesome!

My birthday has changed a little bit over time.  It’s now just a regular day. Void of the excitement of childhood, I awake to the obligations and routine of everyday life. The dog needs to go out, my son needs to be changed, fed, dressed, and brought to daycare … just a regular day.

Honestly, it isn’t that gloomy, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. A lot of people lament their advancing age, but for me it’s always a day of reflection. I look back on how much has changed in the past year of my life, and also how much is going to change by the time I make another trip around the calendar.

Part of my birthday reflection is on my time with American Profit Recovery. I’ve been with the company for close to five years now, and it’s hard to wrap my head around how much has changed in my personal life and professional life in that time. For me, being another year older is a reminder of how much I like working for this collection agency and how much opportunity this company has given me, and continues to give me.

It’s a reminder of how much this company has given my family, and a thought of how it will continue to be a part of my family’s story. It’s also a reminder for me to be consistent, because even though so much has happened in the last five years, it is a very small fraction of my lifetime, and even though a lot may change in the next year, or five, I know I’ll always be okay if I consistently show up, work hard, and do my job the right way.

Cheers to another year …

Published On: November 9th, 2018Categories: Team APR

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