We attended a great seminar last week from the Yes network!  The speaker was a gentleman named Michael Hoffman, who was very entertaining and full of good information.  His seminar was regarding how to become a top 1% sales professional.  Although the seminar was geared towards sales, I think the material applies to all of us in life and communication.  We all know that sales touches all of us in one way or another….. selling your kids on doing homework, friends on where to go to eat, etc., etc.  Some of the main takeaways for me where as follows:

To be a top performer is not something you are born with!  It is something that you become over time and we control our destiny a lot more than some people may think

Top 1%’ers do 3 things well….

  • 1) They are constantly learning – they are reading and learning and growing as a professional.  Open to new ideas and open to  yes.
  • 2) Smart and Adapt – They top performers are not expecting to be spoon-fed and constantly look to adapt and find ways it will work for them
  • 3) Apply – They are action people….. do not procrastinate, apply what you learn right away.  Always asking how can they improve today?

They have a process

  • Sell yourself first – Build rapport, get to be someone who they can know, like and trust
  • Ask questions – it is all about THEM… not you.  You can’t just start selling a one size fits all.  Once you know their story, the solutions become easy
  • Present Solutions – build value, build value, build value.  If you build enough value, in their best interest, you will have a new client
  • Ask for the order – amazing how many sales people do not actually ask someone for the order.  As a professional, IF you feel what you offer will be a benefit to their business, then you are doing them a disservice to not ask them to become a client
  • Remember… it is all about them and what they need, not about YOU and what you need or think they want.  Treat every person individually and do not assume they want the same things as you, or as everyone else.
  • One size does NOT fit all, and the better you are at customizing your product or service to their specific needs/wants, the better you become.  Use their words and power phrases and incorporate them into your presentation or conversation


92% of your communication is NOT the words

It is the tonality, the smile, the physiology that makes a great communicator.  You can say the right words, but without the excitement or passion, they are just words.  Try saying the same phrase in a mundane, boring tone and you do not get the same message as an excited and passionate tone will bring

Business and communication is all about people, not just the product or service you provide.  It is all about solving problems for THEM… not YOU, but THEM!!!

It really hit home and re-emphasized the message that American Profit Recovery strives for every day.  If you help enough other people get what they want, you will in return get what you want…. A saying I got from the late and great Zig Ziglar.  It is a way of life and not just for sales.


Published On: March 24th, 2015Categories: Advice for Businesses

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