By Austin:

I was hired at American Profit Recovery in October of 2019. Before this job I have never worked in an office setting.  I was either doing manual labor or just on my feet all day. When I first interviewed with Greg I honestly didn’t believe he could be a debt collector because he was too nice. Growing up, I experienced collectors calling my relatives regarding their past due debts, and (based on the stress they displayed) I developed this thought in my head that debt collectors are in fact not good people.

After meeting Greg, I thought I met the only nice collector there was in the world.  Then on my second interview I met Mike.  I then started to think I had been wrong my entire life, and that maybe debt collectors weren’t so bad.

Once I got settled into what was my very first desk, I became as nervous as I could be.  That’s because my entire life I have been told I’m very respectful and super nice.  Well, there I was now working with this collection agency, and I don’t want consumers thinking I’m mean or heartless. Austin Williams

My first day on the job I just observed, I soaked in as much of the conversations around me as humanly possible, and I realized these are actually some of the most genuine and nicest people that I have ever been around in my life. The atmosphere was something I’ve never been around before.  My co-workers were doing stressful tasks, but they were enjoying each other’s company, laughing, talking about their day.

For me family is everything, and at American Profit Recovery that’s what they are to me.  They are one big family, and I’m very grateful this family took a chance on me.

Learn more about a career at American Profit Recovery here.

Published On: July 13th, 2020Categories: Team APR

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