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This week American Profit Recovery celebrated our Annual Employee Week. It’s designed to recognize the hard work and dedication the employees put forth during the year and it hopefully shows our employees that the owners appreciate the people that make it a great place to come to every day.

Employee week is important to me personally because we get a chance to get everyone under the same roof even if it’s only for a short period of time. We fly everyone from our North Carolina and Massachusetts office into our Michigan location for a few meetings, some hard work and a lot of fun. I think it’s great for everyone to be able to interact with each other and it gives everyone a better picture of what we are trying to accomplish here at American Profit Recovery, to provide our clients with the best collection strategy, the best customer service and the best experience in the industry.

This year we took everyone to a Detroit Tigers game, went bowling and had a fund raiser at a local sports bar. There was lots of food, including a breakfast that was prepared and served to all the employees by the owners, trivia games, movies in a the conference room during company provided lunches, prize give-a-ways and much more. Obviously everyone had a good time, but the collateral benefits of employee week will be a better product. Everyone will be re energized and refocused on being the best collection agency in the industry.

Ultimately our clients will be the beneficiary of Employee Week. Energized and happy employees translate to better customer service and a better client experience which makes Employee week worth all the effort. Thank you to everyone who put this all together and Thank you to everyone who makes American Profit Recovery what it is…..A great place to work.

Published On: June 23rd, 2014Categories: Team APR

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