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Have you ever needed to add a new employee as an APRweb user but didn’t have time to call customer service? How about changing your holds notification setting or resetting your password? Did you know all these things can be done within APRweb without you ever having to pick up the phone?  If you didn’t know this functionally existed keep reading to find out how to do these things and more!

Let’s start out with the basics, how to reset your password. There are 2 different methods you can use to reset your password. The first and most commonly used technique is to navigate to and click on the “Recover your Password” link. You will immediately be asked to answer previously defined security questions, and once completed, you can create a new password. The second method is to actually login to APRweb, click on the “My preferences” link and the option to create a new password will be available.

The My Preferences area of APRweb offers a slew of additional features. If you are an administrator of your APR account you can add new users by clicking on the “Request New APRweb Login” link. After you provide some basic contact information about the new user, we will create and distribute login credentials.  Maybe this new employee will be handling the day to day operations and you no longer need to receive holds notifications. These can be disabled by deselecting the “Notify By Email” checkbox. You can even send yourself a test email from the My Preferences page to ensure notifications are not going into your spam filter or your junk mailbox.

Now that we have scratched the surface do some investigating and find your own hidden gems!

Published On: July 30th, 2013Categories: Advice for Businesses

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