By Delaney:

One thing I did not consider when applying as a Collections Specialist is just how many ‘hats’ I’d come to wear in this role.

We work with a variety of clients – dental offices, lawncare services, banks, veterinarians, restoration companies, and medical laboratories – just to name a few. The longer I have been with American Profit Recovery, the more I have grown familiar with the assortment of different industries that we recover funds for. I have learned general practices and billing procedures for these varying industries, which allows me to better understand and help their customers.

A prior knowledge of what our clients do and how our clients operate allows us to help their customers in regaining familiarity with the service they received, or possibly helping to explain why their balance is owed to begin with. Spending this time getting to know our clients helps me as a collector to be better equipped to assist their consumers in getting their balances resolved, and ultimately getting them to return to our clients for future services, because we have done so in a way that allows the consumer-client relationship to remain intact. That is my goal overall with every consumer, for every client.

Many of our clients are small businesses, supporting their own staffs and paying their own bills. We at American Profit Recovery understand that every dollar counts, and that is why we want to give ourselves the best chance at recovering funds for our clients. An understanding of something as small as how lawncare services recur season-to-season, or what type of medical testing is typically processed by a third-party laboratory, could be the difference between getting a debt collected or not. We make every best effort to understand our clients to make that recovery possible.

So when I come to work, I put on whatever hat is necessary of me to have the most constructive conversations to satisfy the needs of our consumers and our clients. This is why a hat I am always proud to wear, is that of a Collections Specialist.


Published On: September 8th, 2022Categories: Advice for Businesses, Small Business Collections, Team APR

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