By Matt H.

Here at American Profit Recovery, I have found this to be a foundation.  From Ownership on down, everybody is here to help!  I have never seen a collection agency put so much emphasis on this.Helping Hands

Ownership is leading the way.  I have seen their generosity in helping employees and their families.  They support our community by investing their time and raising thousands of dollars of donations.  I see Collectors helping consumers out of a difficult situation and treating them with dignity and respect.  Customer Services Reps, making time for everybody and always available to help. Sales consultants advising businesses how to limit the amount of bad debt they have, providing options and education to cash flow issues.  We help those businesses become stronger and more profitable.  Admin and IT departments making everything possible behind the scenes.

By having this philosophy, and helping others, we have been able to resolve more issues with the consumers and countless times they thank us for helping them and not treating them disrespectfully.   We have been able to build strong relationships with our Clients, Associations and Partnerships.  These relationships have helped APR grow and become a leader in our industry.  The old saying of “If you help enough people get what they want, you will eventually get what you want” holds absolutely true!  If you need help, we are only a call away.

Published On: October 5th, 2016Categories: Team APR

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