A collection agency is roughly defined as a third-party entity used by creditors to recover funds from past due accounts which they were unsuccessful at collecting themselves. American Profit Recovery approaches this in a way that allows our clients, the creditors, to preserve their relationships with their consumers. Our approach also embodies much more of a customer-service feel than what most people would associate with a typical “collection call.”

It was apparent to me within days of working here that this collection agency would be different than the expected. When asked where I work, I almost always get the same reaction, as if collectors are the “bad guys.” But I also always give the same positive response. Our approach at American Profit is not the stereotypically aggressive, “hunt you down” to pay your bills kind of approach, but rather an approach that shows we are calling to help people who are experiencing hardship and need additional time. I use the word “help” at least 50 times a day here. This job does not make me feel any less kind, respectful, or understanding than I would be anywhere else, and I’m happy to be a part of a company that I feel is taking such great strides towards thwarting those stigmas. –Delaney Gloger


Published On: October 9th, 2019Categories: Team APR

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