Ways your small business can save money.

While I could certainly think of more than three ways for you to save money, I looked into some simple yet sometimes forgotten ways you can save a little money. In fact, if you gave me time, I could probably come up with at least 50… Collection agencies including this one have contact with consumers that do not pay attention to simple ways to manage and save money. It’s very easy to sit down and think of a few ways to save some cash. Let’s start with three easy ones.How to save money

Compare credit cards: If you’re like most consumers, you get a lot of credit card offers. And many people will stand over the shredder before they even open them. That’s fine if you do but it might make sense to open them every so often and see if you can get a better deal. Some things to consider are, obviously the rate or what’s called the APR. (Not to be confused with us…) You’ll want to compare fees and just what those fees are. And check to see if the card company has a grace period.

Bundle your cable, telephone and internet: It’s pretty common now but believe it or not, some people still have not done this. You can save some pretty big bucks by bundling some of your utilities. I have seen people save upwards of $100 a month and more by doing this. Again, most people are just taking the mailing they get and standing over that shredder. But, it really does pay off to run the numbers even with competing companies.

Buy that Entertainment Book: If you have kids then you may have been asked to buy one of those entertainment coupon books as a school fundraiser. The fact is, you can save a ton of money by getting one of these. They have everything from discounts at restaurants, clothing stores, kids’ indoor playgrounds which can cost a bunch of money, and so many other categories. You definitely need to get one of these and use what’s in it.

What’s my point with three random ways to save money? If you take 20 minutes, you could come up with at least five ways to save money right now. I came up with three. Let’s see what you have.

Published On: March 4th, 2016Categories: Advice for Consumers

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