By Brian:

It’s a satisfying feeling knowing that we can continue to help support small businesses and help consumers throughout the year regardless of what is happening across the country. It’s what we have always done since opening our doors. We have assisted consumers during events throughout the years such as recession and natural disasters that had a negative effect on the economy as well as during economic booms that had a positive effect, pulling together to help those in need. By remaining open we have been able to carry on with assisting consumers in need of help resolving their debts. In addition, we continue to work with our clients who need help handling balances owed to them.

Who would have thought we’d still be dealing with these conditions across the country two years after it all began? Not only has it been difficult for us personally, our families and friends but for the industry as a whole. Many clients opted to stop sending accounts to collections and more consumers were suddenly finding themselves unable to continue paying on their accounts. This resulted in a slowing down of one of the gears that contributes to the financial industry’s stability.Brian

There were hours reduced, job losses, businesses temporarily or permanently closed creating a situation no one has really experienced before in their lives nor could be prepared for. We continued to do our part helping who we could while these events unfolded. We watched and listened, wondering how much worse this could get or if we would be next.

Collection agencies help both business and consumer

Eventually, as we started learning how to adapt, the barriers were eliminated, obstacles were bypassed, and we began figuring out how to speed up the rotation of that gear. To avoid trying to reach out to someone in need of help is like turning your back on them and that is not what we do. We exist to work with consumers determining the best way to approach debt resolution under any conditions so they can feel comfortable and relieved knowing someone is always here to help them. The same goes with our clients, we have continued to assess their accumulation of monies owed to them offering support with the best options for account placement.

We are better prepared to serve you in the future

I feel because of what we have all gone through recently we have become better thinkers, better planners but also better helpers which is what we pride ourselves on here at American Profit Recovery. These strengths will contribute to the future of our success including the improvement of how we are able to help anyone regardless of what they are currently experiencing or have been through in life.

Published On: March 1st, 2022Categories: Team APR

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