By Delaney:

For the employees at American Profit Recovery, it’s culture above all else! Here, we value positive attitudes, high integrity, and strong work ethics.

From the company as a whole, to the department you work in, right down to the individual team that you are on, you can feel our values pulsing through the veins of APR.

It starts with our hiring process. We recruit only the best, strongest candidates who exemplify these core qualities to make a perfect fit for our team.

From there, employees receive the top on-the-job training to perfect their skills, ongoing trainings throughout their careers, and are always shown that they are valued, listened to, and appreciated on all levels. Employees here are never left in the dark regarding their own performance, their teams performance, their departments performance, or the company performance as a whole. Delaney

We are shown that we are each a vital part of a bigger process where every individual helps to make the entire system run. Our feedback is always taken into consideration, and often implemented, as our owners and management understand that the best observations and ideas will come from those on the front lines of our jobs.

For all that we give to make APR a well-oiled machine and a wonderful place to work, APR gives back tenfold. We regularly have company lunches, team-building activities, and even an entire week per year dedicated to employee appreciation, filled with games, food, and all the laughs.

The culture here is all about working hard and playing hard too. There is no other place like it!

Don’t believe me? Apply for yourself and see what American Profit Recovery is all about!

Published On: December 19th, 2023Categories: Team APR

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