When you make taking care of your employees your main mission as an organization, you never think that a pandemic could show you just why this is so critical to a business. While we miss the family atmosphere that once was our corporate office, the team-like way in which everyone rowed the same way, and the personal manner we help each other grow in a face to face environment, we have seen some of the most amazing teamwork during COVID-19 that we have ever seen.

We earned another spot on the Best Places to Work in Collections for the 13th year in a row this past week, and we are all very proud. As an organization, we provide what we feel can help an employee thrive in this business. Because let’s face it. Not everyone wants to work in debt collections. However, because of the way we have shaped our company, culture and values, this is a very attractive place to build a career. And our team has told us so.

We offer our team generous benefits in the form of earning potential, health and wellness benefits as well as the ability to shape their own schedule. Much like many companies. But what we do here at American Profit Recovery, is much more, and we might add, more valuable. We see potential in people, and we foster professional growth through mentorships, constant feedback and comradery like you’ve never seen. However, this year was quite different in some ways and business as usual in others.Best Places to work Award

While it was a major blow to everyone, having to start working from home, we believe this teamwork made this transition, almost seamless. And we still see tremendous amounts of teamwork, friendships and productivity flourish.

This is not an easy business. That’s just a fact. Many of our collectors experience bad days when faced with consumers that are not interested in speaking with them. They deal with anger on a daily basis and there are times when they just want to get away from their desk and blow off some steam with their coworkers. While they can’t walk over to someone else’s desk right now or go into a quiet conference room, they have continued to maintain that teamwork and encouragement in other ways. That’s a direct result of the culture that has been built here. No matter what, our team will help each other get through the day. And that’s a great place to work.

We think most workplaces should receive some type of award this year for how they kept their business above water but also for the way in which they took on the challenge of making their team members a priority. This was not easy but it was necessary for any company to quickly shift the way they did business and the way they managed a team.

While logistically, there were challenges in creating a remote work environment quickly, the entire team was up for the challenge. They were ready because culturally, we were built for this monumental task. In fact we were building for this moment and we didn’t even know it. Our team has built such a solid bond that when the unthinkable happened, such as a pandemic, everyone came together and recreated our working environment so we could continue our work.

Can you have teamwork through Zoom? Yes you can. Ask anyone here. Can you have fun and meet your goals in a remote work environment? Absolutely! Just ask Ethan who shaved his head on Zoom in front of the entire company.

The owners of American Profit Recovery have never been prouder of the team that has been built here during the COVID-19 pandemic. It has proved one very simple thing. If your organization makes culture and values your top priority, and you, without other motives, build a workplace that fosters teamwork, growth and honesty, and do the right thing by your staff, your organization will be prepared for the next crisis that comes your way.

This is the thirteenth year in a row we have won this award and it might just be the luckiest year yet.

Published On: August 14th, 2020Categories: Team APR

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