We have once again earned a spot on the Best Places to Work in Collections list. We have now been on this list for over a decade, 12 years to be exact, and we are very proud to have this as one of our main goals as a company. Creating a place where people want to come to work and contribute is a goal that any business should have in their sights. And it is one goal that we believe is paramount to building a thriving organization. When we founded American Profit Recovery, it was one of the things that we felt needed to happen to create a sustainable business.

But what does this mean for you the client, the potential client and even the person struggling with debt that we ultimately call on?

We’re confident that we have created a workplace where people want to make a difference. And when they finally make the decision to accept a job offer here, they should understand our mission, and how they make an impact in all areas and how our company culture will help them do that.great places to work in michigan

The world of debt collections is a unique industry. We have to satisfy many needs. Like any business, we need to ensure our clients are happy and that we produce results. For many industries, the cycle could end there. Sell a product or service, and make sure the client is pleased.

In the world of collection agencies, we need to satisfy our client’s needs and we need to do our part to make sure the consumer we are calling on, is comfortable working with us to create a resolution.

We have to create a culture and environment where that is all possible. And we believe we have done that.

We recognize that there is a fair amount of pressure in our industry. If you are a client, you have people that owe you money. If you are consumer that is struggling to meet your financial obligations, then you are in debt. Both are stressful situations and at some point, both meet in the middle. Which ends up being our staff.

Our staff hears the frustrations of a business that has not been paid by their customers and they hear in many cases, the anger that can come out of a communication with a consumer. And they have to always be professional and keep an eye on the goal of creating a solution to that problem. In short, working in this industry can be stressful at times.

And that’s why we need to do everything we can to create a workplace where we support our team, have systems in place where they can grow and build a career and understand that despite some people’s perception of what we do, that they are in fact, making a difference with both our client and the consumer and to a greater degree, the economy.

Why should you care about our award?

When you ask a company what makes them different, many times the response is “the people.” And while that might be the case, we feel that it’s the way those people are treated, mentored and respected that makes that answer “The people.”

The way in which we care for our employees and our culture directly impacts the way they treat everyone. And that includes consumers we are calling on. Maybe they are your customers. When a team knows that management and ownership has their back, and wants them to be successful, that will reflect in the way people are treated. It’s not forced and it’s not uncomfortable. It will come naturally.

The way we treat people is one major factor in achieving our goals for both client and consumer. If you hire us to help you improve your cash flow, you’ll be comforted in knowing that we treat everyone with respect and speak with your customers with tact. Consumers in debt are treated nice by American Profit Recovery employees in part because they are treated like family by ownership.

It’s not only the right thing to do but it is also far more effective in creating solutions to problems when everyone can just speak to each other without fear of being treated unfairly. Our team is treated fairly and so are consumers in debt.

It’s probably not often you hear that a collection agency is a great place to work but after 12 years of being on this list of best places to work, we hope you take a step back and see that in fact, this is a place where people can build a career, feel good about coming to work and understand that they are making an impact on so many levels.

Published On: June 11th, 2019Categories: Team APR

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