Emotions get the best of us in some cases. Whether it’s in business or in our personal lives. There are so many aspects to running and growing a business and emotions can run high when things don’t go our way. That could be staffing concerns, issues with customer service, equipment breaking down and a host of other matters that you need to address each and every day. Having any responsibility in a business means you’re going to have some type of conflict. And each industry has its own specific set of problems.

And that of course also includes getting customers to pay on time. As if we didn’t have enough to worry about.

But that doesn’t mean we need to get emotional when customers don’t pay us. In fact, the opposite holds true. When we are calm and methodical about getting our customer to pay us, that’s when we can be most effective. Getting angry accomplishes nothing and in fact, can have the reverse impact when it comes to resolving a past due account with a customer. As a collection agency that has a deep understanding of how to collect using respect and tact, we know this to be true.

We know how important it is to have great cash flow. Everything in your business depends on cash flow. It can mean the difference between meeting payroll or not. Staying in business or closing our doors. Or paying our vendors on time. Cash flow is the backbone of any business.

So we understand why getting emotional can be so easy for us when we don’t get paid.

In our recent video below, we talk about why getting emotional is a bad idea when it comes to collecting on unpaid invoices. Staying calm with late and non-paying customers is always the best approach and we talk about ways to get paid without getting angry.


Published On: October 25th, 2017Categories: Advice for Businesses

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