We have assembled a fantastic group of professionals here and we believe we have some of the best debt collectors in the country. And it didn’t happen by accident. We have been able to put together this team for several reasons and because of this, both the businesses we serve and the consumers we speak with every day benefit from this well-trained and dedicated team.

The job of a debt collector not only requires ongoing and professional training as well as knowledge of current laws but it is also beneficial when the collector truly cares about the outcome of the current situation they are working on. And that must include making sure the consumer is set up for success with their current past debt situation.

So what do our debt collectors want you to know about them?

Our collectors love solving problems

We truly believe you cannot be a successful professional debt collector without a passion for solving problems and meeting challenges. The job of a debt collector is not to demand payment, but to lay the groundwork for a consumer to pay back the business they owe money to, in a manageable way. It may surprise you but many times, a collector may advise a consumer not to pay a debt in full and to structure those payments in a way that helps them tackle their other financial challenges. It doesn’t make sense for a collector to demand full payment only to have that consumer suffer another setback next time they need to pay a bill.

Our debt collectors have problem-solving in their blood and they do it in a way that satisfies both the business that hired us and the customer the business served.Debt collectors help

Compassion benefits both business and customer

Our collection team wants you to know that they will always treat each and every consumer with the dignity and respect they have earned. Along with being problem solvers, the people that work here are naturally compassionate and want to do the right thing. Gone are the days of those nightly news magazine TV shows about treating consumers poorly. That’s just not the way the collection industry works. Our collectors take great pride in having respectful conversations with consumers even if those conversations are about personal and troubling matters. Our team members want people to know that they truly care and that many collectors have also walked in the shoes of the people they are calling. The ability to listen as well as show compassion are critical job responsibilities as a debt collector.

Never be afraid to speak with a debt collector

You never have to worry about picking up the phone and speaking to anyone on the collection team. In fact the opposite is true. More good can come from picking up the phone and working through your situation than just ignoring the communication from a collection agency. If you owe money to a business, that collector is calling you to work together to solve the problem. Picking up the phone and speaking with a collector will help you start the process of paying off your debt as a consumer, and it will help to minimize the stress you are experiencing because you have started the process of paying off that debt. Furthermore, a consumer has rights so when speaking with a collector, they have certain protections.

People work here because there is an alignment of values

We have a set of values that everyone here at American Profit Recovery understands and commits to if they want to build a thriving career. We expect everyone to have a tremendous work ethic, integrity in the job they do as well as possessing a positive attitude. Our collection team understands these are just some of the values they need to have in order to do their job well. And they also understand that these are the values they must have to serve the businesses that hire us.

All our collectors also take a pledge to treat everyone they come in contact with, with the dignity and respect they deserve. That’s a value that we place a very high priority on because the businesses we serve expect it, and the consumers we speak with have a right to be treated fairly.

Our collectors want you to know that if you hired American Profit Recovery as a collection agency for your business, they will always communicate with your customers using our values-based system.

All our team members are part of your community

If you ask employees here what their favorite part is about working at this collection agency, most people will tell you that it’s the community service and charitable efforts that we embark on each year. Not only have we raised thousands of dollars for local charities over the years, but we’ve also made the holidays a little brighter for families in need. We’ve worked as a team to improve parks and recreational areas and we’ve supported veterans’ associations throughout the years. Our team wants you to know that we’re not just employees at a collection agency. They are a group of professionals that care deeply about helping others in so many ways.

Our employees share their thoughts regularly on our blog and we encourage you to learn more about their jobs and their passion for their work in their own words.


Published On: February 21st, 2022Categories: Accounts Receivables, Advice for Businesses, Team APR

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