If you are in business, then you have probably heard more excuses for things not happening than the average person.  Maybe not as much as a school teacher but close. And when you are in business, you act much like a school teacher. Trying to provide the best you can while also waiting for your customers or students to keep up their end of the bargain. In the case of business, that’s paying you on time.Why are my customers not paying me?

But paying bills is almost as bad for some people as turning in their homework when they were in school. It didn’t get done and they need to come up with a few good excuses. Some are legitimate while other excuses are just that; excuses.

When a bill gets to the point where it is turned over to a collection agency such as American Profit Recovery, we try hard to uncover why a bill has not been paid by a consumer. We are not there to interrogate that person but to arrive at a reason so we can resolve the situation in a manner that’s both fair and agreeable to both parties involved. Collection agencies hear reasons for unpaid bills every single day and it’s up to these professionals to decide what’s reasonable and what’s not.

If that bill has not been paid to our clients, then we need to uncover why it hasn’t been paid. Is it an oversight? Is the consumer over committed? Do they just feel like they don’t have to pay the bill? Or did that have a bad experience with your company?

As you might imagine, the list of reasons a consumer hasn’t paid you could be endless. But understanding if that reason is a legitimate one or just an excuse help you decide how you are going to resolve that delinquency the proper way.

Check out our most recent video on why my customers don’t pay me on time. And call us if your customers are not paying you in a timely manner.

Published On: November 1st, 2017Categories: Advice for Businesses

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