Over the past couple of years, you may have noticed that our team has paid particular attention to tracking the compliments and kind words that consumers give our debt collectors. While many types of businesses only track numbers, we pay attention to what people are saying.

Keeping track of the compliments that consumers have provided our debt collection team and others here on the staff has provided tremendous value and how we operate as a collection agency. Of course, we track the success of our debt collection efforts but what is equally important is the manner we communicate and the collaboration we can ultimately foster with a consumer.

There are several reasons why part of our collection team’s job is maintaining a record of the compliments received. While these kind words make our team feel much better about the job they’re doing, it helps guide our direction as a collection agency.

“I really appreciate your help, you’re different from what I was expecting out of American Profit Recovery. I appreciate your friendly demeanor and helpfulness.”

Compliments don’t come easy for many

Many people have difficulty offering complimentary words and praise to others. Our brains seem to have a much easier time complaining about a whole host of issues in our lives. Maybe we had to wait too long for our food, or our food wasn’t cooked to our liking. Or we complain about construction on our roads which will only improve our lives once they are completed. And yes, many people complain and put up their guard when called by a collection agency. So when a consumer is compelled to compliment a debt collector for helping them through a tough situation, that has to tell you something.

 “I’ve never had to deal with a debt collector but y’all are pretty nice. I’ve heard a lot of horror stories and they seem to not be true, thank you!”

Consumer compliments boost employee morale

We like to think that we have built a healthy culture of engagement here at American Profit Recovery. The owners of the company sit in cubicles right next to other team members which results in an open-door policy. We like to care for our employees and ensure they feel good about their work. And when a consumer thanks our collectors for a job well done, that not only makes our team members feel good, but it gives them a sense of purpose. Having that purpose only makes them feel good about their job.

“Thank you so much, I appreciate you being so kind, you’ve really been the most pleasant representative that I’ve talked to in a long time”

Prove to the public and others that we are doing the right thing

It’s no secret that the debt collection industry has suffered from a negative perception for many years. It’s been easy over the years for the media and others to focus on the negative aspects of this industry.

But the facts are clear. Not only do reputable debt collectors provide much-needed guidance to consumers in debt, but the collection industry in the United States pumps billions of dollars back into the economy. So by helping consumers come up with solutions to pay their debts, the industry also helps the economy by keeping cash flowing and ultimately helping businesses avoid cost increases.

Reassuring our clients

You might think the job of a debt collector is just to secure payment from a consumer. And while of course that is one of the top priorities, one way a professional debt collector can provide tremendous value to a business is to assist in preserving an established relationship. No one wins when a debt collector treats a consumer poorly. It will only take longer to establish a communication, a consumer may be unwilling to collaborate on a solution and in the end, a business loses a harder into customer.

That’s why it is mission-critical to treat consumers with the respect they deserve.

When we go above and beyond to provide dignity and respect to consumers, the result is a compliment for that compassionate treatment. And we absolutely want our clients to know that we’ve tried our best to keep their clients for them.

Published On: October 11th, 2022Categories: Advice for Businesses, Small Business Collections, Team APR

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