As a collection agency, we pride ourselves here on having one of the best teams in the industry. As I mentioned before, our core values drive us in everything we do. We constantly focus on them and we are reminded daily of these values; from top management all the way down. We talked about integrity last time and how important, especially in this business to be as honest as possible in everything you do.

But what about work ethic? Equally as important is how we conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity is how we conduct ourselves in the workplace. We never want to force anyone to do their job. That’s not how we operate here. We believe we have fostered a culture of team members wanting to do their job, going above and beyond and helping each other grow in the process.

Each time we get the entire team together and have a company call we see just how work ethic has played a major role in our success. With sales records being broken constantly, the amount of phone calls we see from our sales team to tell people about the great services we offer at this collection agency and the amount of accounts that have been resolved for our clients in a diplomatic fashion, we see our team taking work ethic to heart.

Work ethic also comes in the form of how we interact with other team members. Do we drag other employees down by not putting in our all? Do we have a negative attitude about the workplace or company? Do we make the company look bad in front of others? All these types of activities drag others down. I can tell you, I don’t see much of that here and in fact, I’m proud of the way this team supports each other.

So what do we ask for here at this collection agency? Well yes, we do ask you to do your job but through our comprehensive interview process, we have a pretty good feeling that when we bring you on board, you already get that. We ask you to support your fellow team members in their success. We ask that if you do have an issue that you bring it to the attention of your supervisor and work through it together. We’re not teenagers anymore. Let’s work hard and be successful together.

I’m so energized when we get together or have a company call because I hear more clapping and enthusiasm than actual talking sometimes. That’s encouraging and that’s work ethic. Doing (and liking) your job, seeing great results and supporting the entire team.

See you soon with thoughts about a positive attitude…

Published On: November 18th, 2015Categories: Team APR

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