By Peggy:

It goes without saying that life has changed dramatically in the past five months.  COVID19 has evolved from “that outbreak overseas” to a health crisis here in U.S.  We’ve seen the progression of social distancing, school closings and state-wide lockdowns.  As a result, businesses have been divided into two basic categories—essential and non-essential.

Essential businesses, like pharmacies & grocery stores, are staying open. Non-essential businesses like lawn & garden services are expected to close until further notice. It’s hard to argue with the logic.  People need to get medications, food and supplies. People don’t need green, manicured lawns. But to say a business is non-essential is misleading.  Businesses supply more than the services they offer. They provide income for the owners & jobs to their employees.  In other words, these services ARE essential to those that provide them. Most business owners are willing to do their part  by staying shut down per executive order, but they need to be able to come out of this and get back to work when COVID19 is no longer a threat to public health.

This is where American Profit Recovery comes in.  By collecting on past due accounts, we work  to ensure our clients can still maintain some level of income during this time, even if operations are halted. We do so in a manner that is kind and compassionate, helping consumers set up payment plans they can live with. This, in turn, helps the business retain a good working relationship with the consumer and ensure their continued patronage.

No one knows when all this will end, when life will go back to normal, or what that will even look like when it does.  We are all waiting to see what happens, but one thing is certain: American Profit Recovery will continue do everything we can to help our clients and their consumers get through these uncertain times.  Because, to us, you are all essential.

Published On: May 13th, 2020Categories: Advice for Businesses, Collection

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