The holiday season is a time of caring, giving and holiday cheer. This time of year can also be a challenging time for businesses.

During this time of year businesses are focused on their revenue and sales, they are trying to meet year end budgets and hit targets for revenues. This busy time can cause receivables to be forgotten. Oftentimes in the spirit of the holidays collections are pushed aside, which is not good for the business or their customers.

Holidays are about caring and giving but you don’t want to end up in January with a pile of old receivables that have now become hard to collect. If all businesses put off their receivables until January then it will be difficult for all of them to collect at once, and for the customer to pay them all at once.

Some ways to avoid this backlog of receivables in your business is to have consistent billing, keep organized, and be empathetic to your customers while keeping on track. By doing this your customer will be held accountable and you will both be in a better position come January.

You can be in the holiday spirit and still be empathetic to your customer situations while being firm in collecting receivables. APR always strives to be considerate to their customers, by approaching them in a diplomatic manner. As a collection agency we open up communication between customer and business, acting as an intermediary and helping to facilitate payments.

So this holiday season, keep on top of your receivables, stay organized, and your business will end the year cheerful. However, if you do fall behind this holiday season, American Profit Recovery is always here to help your business.

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Published On: December 9th, 2013Categories: Advice for Businesses

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