Important Message From The Leadership of American Profit Recovery

We understand you are receiving countless messages regarding the COVID-19/Coronavirus crisis but we feel it is necessary to relay to you what our commitment is to you, to consumers, and what we are keeping an eye on in the collection industry day to day.

We fully understand that beyond the health and safety of the public, the COVID-19 crisis has quickly become an economic emergency unmatched in our current memory.

Dignity and Respect Always:

First, if you know us, you understand that our philosophy has always been one of treating everyone with dignity and respect. Regardless of the situation in front of us, our professional team always strives to create a respectful and kind dialogue with your customers. That has never changed, and it continues right now. We will always speak to your customer with the understanding and care they deserve.

We also work diligently to create a resolution to the debt and not just collect the debt. That involves assessing each situation individually and determining a way to get that customer back on track. We come up with a host of solutions including payment plans and other ways to help that consumer. That too continues to be the way we work with your customers. We never knowingly put any consumer in a position to not take care of their own personal and family necessities.

Moving Forward:

Contact with Consumers:

We continue to work on behalf of your business. We feel open communication with consumers continues to be vital, even in these times, however, we are approaching each and every contact we have with your customers with an even higher awareness of the current situation. We are assessing our strategy several times each day and every single American Profit employee is fully aware of the delicate nature of each and every contact we make. We understand a consumer may in this environment, get upset much more quickly and we are prepared to put those consumers at ease. We do not want to add to the stress any family is experiencing right now. That would not be in the best interest of anyone. In some cases, we may determine that a payment is not viable at this time.

The Collection Industry:

We are closely monitoring federal and state legislation as it pertains to the collection industry. We have almost daily contact and briefings with ACA International the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals (ACA) about ideas and proposed legislation pertaining to the collection industry and the current crisis. As this crisis is quickly making an impact on the economy, there are many proposals that may affect all types of industries and businesses.

Our colleagues at ACA International as well as all our regional Collectors’ Associations have built working relationships with legislators across the country both at the federal and state level and are currently discussing ways to help both business and the consumer through this crisis.

Next Steps:

As you might imagine, by the time you read this, circumstances may change. For now, our commitment to you is as it has always been-to help your business stay in business. To any consumer we come in contact with, to treat them as our neighbor, a member of our community and to do what we can in our capacity to help them through this crisis.

If you have any questions about your individual situation with our services, please contact your customer service professional. We are ready to discuss any concerns you have about moving forward.

From all of us at American Profit Recovery, be well, stay safe and please check in with your neighbors and friends. More to come…

The case for continued communication with consumers

As with any major crisis, some industries get crushed and some do well. Depending on what you consult on, manufacture or supply will somewhat dictate how your industry will weather any crisis. As we have seen with the COVID-19 crisis, many businesses have been designated essential and many have had to shut their doors which has created a crisis of its own for many across the country. For many industries, this has caused damage to their operation that will take a long time to overcome.

Take a lawncare company for example. Many had already been working hard to fire up operations for the season. Conducting spring cleanups and getting yards ready for a long enjoyable season. Then in very short order, services such as these were forced to shut down and not service customers. And revenue for many, came to an abrupt halt. You cannot work and you cannot bill for anything. That is a hardship in itself. A business without current or predicable future revenue, is not sustainable for very long as well all know. Continue reading “The case for continued communication with consumers”

Your cash flow is essential right now

By Peggy:

It goes without saying that life has changed dramatically in the past five months.  COVID19 has evolved from “that outbreak overseas” to a health crisis here in U.S.  We’ve seen the progression of social distancing, school closings and state-wide lockdowns.  As a result, businesses have been divided into two basic categories—essential and non-essential.

Essential businesses, like pharmacies & grocery stores, are staying open. Non-essential businesses like lawn & garden services are expected to close until further notice. It’s hard to argue with the logic.  People need to get medications, food and supplies. People don’t need green, manicured lawns. But to say a business is non-essential is misleading.  Businesses supply more than the services they offer. They provide income for the owners & jobs to their employees.  In other words, these services ARE essential to those that provide them. Most business owners are willing to do their part  by staying shut down per executive order, but they need to be able to come out of this and get back to work when COVID19 is no longer a threat to public health. Continue reading “Your cash flow is essential right now”

Count Your Blessings

By Greg:

It’s been over four weeks since I left the office to work from home, and like everyone else, I have never experienced anything like this in my lifetime.  I’ve run through the whole list of emotions since this all started, and I’m starting to embrace some simple things.

  • My family and I are safe at home and healthy.
  • My co-workers are safe at home and healthy.
  • My loved ones are safe and home and healthy.

If I get depressed by anything (lack of sports, watching the news, etc.) all I need to do is remember those three things.  That should be enough for anyone, but I am fortunate enough to have other things going in my favor.  “Count your blessings” everyone says.  Well, I would need a calculator to count mine. Continue reading “Count Your Blessings”


By Ethan Drain

With the current state of our society and the spread of the new coronavirus, most people are experiencing a packed house. We are trapped inside with all the members of our family, with nowhere to go, and not much to do. Inevitably, after some time together, our patience is tested in one way or another.

We can read all of the articles about what to do and how to feel during our forced togetherness, about how to deal with being at home 24/7 where previously we were free to go anywhere and do anything, about fun activities to do with our family members, about how to keep mentally and emotionally healthy during this trying time, etc …. but it’s all easier said than done. We are human, and sometimes, we get annoyed with each other.

For me, personally, this time of quarantine has been all about patience. My wife and I have been fortunate enough to have a family member care for our young child while he is out of daycare, and that family member has stayed with us and helped us immensely. I have had to remind myself to be patient with everyone and not sweat the small things while we live in close quarters, whether it be something left out or left on, spilled beverages, a dirty house, or no alone time.  I constantly remind myself that the health of our family is first and foremost.

As collectors, patience is demanded of us every day, on every call. Being patient and understanding with the person on the other end of the phone is essential to helping consumers resolve outstanding bills and helping our clients get paid. If we take the time to understand the consumer’s situation, their side of the story, and what it’s going to take to get the debt resolved, not only are we going to have a better chance to collect the debt, but all parties in the end are going to be satisfied.

Patience takes practice, it takes hard work, it takes constant reminders of what our overall goals are, and it means treating others with dignity and respect. Adopting an attitude and mentality of patience will take us further in life, both personally and professionally.

Good luck to everyone during this unprecedented time, and remember to be patient with each other!

Collection Industry Commitment During the COVID-19 Crisis

Below is a letter sent to state government officials from ACA International, the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals about how collection agencies across the country are working to provide necessary support to the business community during this time and, help consumers through the COVID 19 crisis.




DATE: MARCH 21, 2020


The Association of Credit and Collection Professionals (ACA International) is comprised of 2,500 members, including credit grantors, third-party collection agencies, asset buyers, attorneys, and vendor affiliates in an industry that employs more than 230,000 employees worldwide. ACA members are front line professional debt collectors that work to assist consumers to resolve their unpaid debts. This is a profession that is needed now more than ever in our currently fragile economy. During these challenging times for American families across the country, ACA members are taking all necessary steps to keep employees safe, and part of the workforce. Continue reading “Collection Industry Commitment During the COVID-19 Crisis”

Always Honoring Our Pledge

By Angela:

As this horrible virus hit the United States many around the world have been impacted by change in their home and work life. Some individuals have found themselves laid off, and ultimately are starting to feel the stress of having bills to pay and no money coming in. This is a critical moment for our country as we all come together to pull our resources to find ways to get through these troubling times.

Life as we know it has seemed to have shaken us all as we are filled with anxiety wondering what the future holds and how our life will ever go back to normal. Countless articles about small businesses struggling and now on the brink of closing doors for good.

This is today’s reality, and this is why we the people of American Profit Recovery come to work every day to ensure we are here not only for our clients, but our consumers and EACHOTHER.  Many people reading this may be wondering why I am saying “Each other”.  Here at APR we are a family, we work together when times are great, and when times are tough. We find solutions, we develop plans and we always find a way to provide exceptional service. Our clients can take great pride in knowing even in times like this, we are still honoring our pledge:

I believe every person has worth as an individual

I believe every person should be treated with dignity and respect

I will make it my responsibility to help consumers find ways to pay their just debts

I will commit to honoring this pledge

Our clients can rest assured knowing we aren’t just collecting debt to bring back into their small businesses, we are creating rapport and ensuring they have customers for life. We are displaying levels of compassion and understanding as we know how important great customer service is. The upcoming weeks will be challenging as everyone attempts to return to normal life, but I am proud that nothing has changed for us. We will honor our pledge while remaining unity as an agency and being compliant.

Halloween in January

By Mike Hiller

 Title: Look Under

Unwittingly So

Many Are the Stones Unturned

Within Comfort Zones

It’s Plunge day. For adrenaline junkies, endorphin aficionados, and anyone looking to ‘think local,’ step outside of their comfort zone, and support their neighborhood charity the Polar Bear Plunge is where it’s at. Every year right around MLK (Martin Luther King Jr.) day Halloween comes early for us plungers. At our event at the Brighton High School there are costumes aplenty, endless snacks and treats, and it’s always a hot coco (now) and Netflix (later) kind of day. 2020 marks American Profit Recovery’s eight (8th) year running, or rather jumping as it were.

When I was a kid Halloween was my favorite holiday. I loved the costumes, the ghoulishness, and fall weather. That, and I was in control of how fast I ran, how many houses I could hit, and therefore how much reward/candy I received. It was a game and everyone was on an even playing field. It didn’t matter if you were a kid from an affluent family or if your parents didn’t know where your next meal was going to come from. Everyone played by the same rules and everyone was rewarded according to the effort they put forth. These are the American values we believe in and we place them above all else. A Holiday, in a land, and personification of endless opportunity for the self-motivated.

Well, ‘This (really) is 2020’ and these days anyone with a mobile/cell phone/smart device, anyone, can start their own business or back a cause they believe in. Think about these two factoids for a moment: 1.) There is more computing power in your phone than what all of NASA had when they put a man on the moon! 2.) It takes 10,000 hours of doing before you become a proficient expert. Before you can become unconsciously competent at something.

The average person will hit the 10,000 hour mark on their phone in just over 5yrs from the date of their first purchase. Baby boomers will take 5.5yrs. Millennials just 4.8yrs. The only relevant question you need ask yourself is do you want to have your PhD in Facebook stalking or championing a cause. Do you want to be an expert at consuming YouTube videos or creating valuable context yourself? Would you rather be unconsciously competent at Amazon purchases or perfecting your greatest hobby?

As you’ve no doubt noticed the above are all false choices. In other words, they are not mutually exclusive ideas. You can have all of the time you like watching Disney+ or Pinning on Pinterest or tweeting on twitter AND you can evolve a hobby, start a start-up, and dedicate time to something you believe in. You can do all of these things with more clarity, variety, and efficiency than any other single human being who has ever lived.

You can have a fulltime job and a family and a passion. You can work your tail off by day and have dinner with your spouse and kids and tinker on projects into the night. It’s oh so cliché’ but cliché’ for good reason: you can eat your cake and have it too. To you I say bite off as much as you can possibly chew and swallow hard because if you’re not stepping outside of your comfort zone then there’s stones left unturned.

Article written by Mike Hiller

End note: Most Haiku poems are without a title. A titled Haiku is the exception. Be the exception, be exceptional.

Our tips for getting paid faster

No matter the size of your organization, or the type of industry you are in, we all want to get paid for what we provide, much quicker. Getting paid on time or least faster, helps our organization in many ways but where it makes the most impact is on cash flow. Having positive cash flow allows us to do many things and gives us the comfort we need to make sound decisions without the fear of running into issues later on down the road.

Unless you are a retail operation where you get paid before the customer even leaves the store, there probably are not many types of business that get 100 percent of their customers to pay on time. And as a nationwide collection agency that works with all types of business, we hear every reason there is when it comes to late and non-paying customers. Continue reading “Our tips for getting paid faster”

Tips for making internal debt collection calls

There are some parts of running a business that many of us just don’t like to do. Depending on the size and nature of your business or industry, you and your team will have your hands in many aspects of running the day to day operations. Aside from everything else on your plate, there will be items that come up that require your attention and that fall under the category of mission critical. One of those is collecting on overdue payments to your organization.

While our professional debt collectors do enjoy their jobs, we understand that for many of you, collection calls are not something you like to do. You’d rather be doing other things to grow and run your business. But part of being in business is chasing down payments sometimes and you’ll have to understand that this is just part of keeping your business cash flow positive. Contacting customers about late payments can mean the difference between positive and negative cash flow. Continue reading “Tips for making internal debt collection calls”