By Joe:

One of the best benefits at American Profit Recovery is our flex time policy.  The reason why I love flex time is that when I take paid time off, I get to use it for the things I enjoy.  For example, (pre-Covid-19) I saw a $300.00 flight to Europe was available and bought the ticket. I had more than enough paid time off available for this trip due to being able to use flex time for other obligations.

With planning and advance notice, I can plan a work schedule that allows me to miss scheduled work hours without having to use my paid time off for things like doctor and dental appointments, or any other obligations I may have.  A typical example is on a Friday.  If I have my hours in, I can leave at noon.   So, I make sure to schedule my doctor and dentist appointments for Friday afternoons.  Of course, that means Monday through Thursday I must be willing and able to work extra hours. However, to me, working those extra hours to be able to take flex time is better than having to use paid time off for those same types of personal matters.Joe W

The added benefit to the company is that I am volunteering to work evening hours during the week. I believe that volunteering to work late is much better than the company mandating that I do so. It allows me to reach consumers who cannot speak during normal business hours and are only available to talk at night. I feel those hours that I work late are more rewarding than they would be if I were mandated to work them.

American Profit Recovery had a choice, either mandate a late day during the week or give debt collectors control over their schedule. By giving collectors control over their schedule, I see it as a win/win. I am willing to work late during the week on days that work best for me, or even a Saturday. In return, with planning and notice, I can use flex time off to deal with mundane personal daily tasks and errands.

Not everyone has the same work habits.  Some collectors simply do not have the ability to work extra hours, but they do not have to.  They can use their paid time off. Time away from work is important to me. So, if I am using vacation time, I want to be able to enjoy myself doing things like taking like take a trip. I would not want to spend my PTO hours waiting in line for a driver’s license renewal.

I love the control I have over my schedule because of the flex time policy here at American Profit Recovery.

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Published On: November 12th, 2021Categories: Team APR

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