Let’s see, in 2008 we saw Brittany Spears melt down, we were again in the midst of an intense election cycle for president, Harrison Ford turned 65 and Miley Cyrus was 15 years old.

And…American Profit Recovery earned our first Best Places to Work in Collections recognition. Which we tend to think was a big deal back then. And after nine years, we have again earned another top spot in this awards program. And it’s still a big deal.Best Collection agencies

Every year for the past nine years we have been recognized as a reputable collection agency that has one heck of a team behind us; our employees. We have a culture unlike many companies with trust, learning, charity and fun at the core of our company.

That coupled with our core values of a positive attitude, work ethic and integrity makes this a great place to work and grow. We have given our employees the keys to this place at times and have allowed them to contribute immensely to the overall success of the company. Not only that but they have blazed a trail in the collection industry as a group of people who actually care about the consumer, their challenges with credit and coming up with solutions to resolve those issues.

We are all rowing the same way here and that’s what makes this place a great place to work. From the top down, everyone has a chance to make their mark; and they have.

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Published On: October 19th, 2016Categories: Team APR

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