By Derek:

A few weeks ago I celebrated my one year anniversary working at American Profit Recovery, so I thought I’d take a moment to reflect on what I’ve experienced thus far during my tenure with the company as a collector. I should start by stating, that working here for the past 12 months, has sincerely been a pleasure. I’ve held various positions in the past, as I’m sure everyone else has as well, that made getting out of bed in the morning a constant struggle because I dreaded the work that awaited me once I arrived at the office. It’s extremely refreshing to say I have not had one of those mornings while working for this collection agency.

To be honest, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect when I initially accepted the offer to work here. I knew I would be calling people all day long, the office looked nice and the people there seemed friendly, so I thought I’d give it a shot. I had experience with over the phone sales positions in the past, so I was used to making a large volume of calls on a daily basis, but I never enjoyed those roles. No matter how successful I was in those positions, I always went home at the end of the day feeling like I just spent eight hours bothering people and I was hoping this gig would be different.

My first impression when I started training here was how well organized the company was, which is important to me. I’ve worked for smaller companies in the past where that was an issue and it always made for a difficult work experience. The first month of training with my manager was detailed and extensive, and while nothing can really prepare you one hundred percent for the situations you might encounter while on the phone, I felt confident I had all the necessary tools to be successful when I started out on my own.

When I first started making calls on my own, I was actually shocked on how positive the responses were from some people I was calling. Prior to any experience, I envisioned being yelled at or hung up on every call, but that couldn’t be further from the truth (even though it still happens). To my surprise, a lot of people were receptive to the help we were offering and thankful that we would be willing to work with them and their situation to help resolve their debts and that alone is a satisfying feeling.

Actual work aside, the environment of the office has been nothing short of exceptional. There is never a shortage of team work when it comes to needing help with something or solving a problem. Everyone here is always willing to stop what they’re doing in order to assist a colleague and that’s a special quality that you won’t find everywhere. Every day here feels like you’re getting together with a group of friends and I think that makes a big difference in not only the atmosphere of the office but how the company performs overall as I’m sure it reflects in our tone when speaking with consumers. We’ve done a variety of activities together as a team outside of the office over the last year, which is always a blast. From barbequing in a park to bowling, there always seems to be some sort of activity too look forward to.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my first year with this company. Though I feel like I’ve learned a lot since joining this team in early 2018, I know there is still a wealth of information I have yet to acquire, and I have no doubt that I will continue to progress with my career in collections with all the support that is plentiful here. I can’t wait to see what year two at APR has to offer!

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Published On: May 22nd, 2019Categories: Team APR

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