By Angie;

Often times when you think of collections and what debt collectors might be like I’m sure there’s a negative image in your mind right from the beginning. I am happy to say the reality is much different, especially those of us who work for American Profit Recovery. This agency has built an amazing foundation displaying what it means to work with “family” all while staying professional. What I mean by that is, from the moment you call our office you’re likely to hear “It’s a beautiful day at American Profit Recovery” or to see a smile as you walk into the office.  Everyone knows you on a personal level and the culture couldn’t be more inviting. Everything from football talk, casual days, to cracking jokes during company calls, makes all the difference when you sit back and look at the big picture.

One of the reasons I love my job so much is because they don’t just reward employees for their work, but they also allow us to have a say in charitable donations.  I have personally been touched by several acts of kindness as they donated to two organizations near and dear to my heart. My sister who is a special needs teacher teaches summer school at Vista Maria, which is an all-girls school for troubled youth. They have children there who haven’t lived the life most of us take for granted. Many of these girls don’t have the extras such as extra clothing, or possibly even an extra hair brush. On multiple occasions American Profit Recovery has stepped in and donated to them. One year they donated money for Christmas time during our adopt a family –when employees brought in gifts for the ornaments that were scattered around the room which had names of items those student needed.

Another organization American Profit Recovery has chosen to help is Motor City Ferrets.  Now some may wonder why on earth a collection agency would be donating to a ferret rescue. But, I am happy to say it’s because of me. I felt passionate enough about the cause and I brought it to the surface just how much this rescue could use help.  For many years I have had ferrets and even had the pleasure of providing a home for ones that otherwise would have sat in an animal rescue because they were abandoned on the street. This journey lead me to Motor City Ferrets ,they are a Ferret rescue who take in animals who need to be surrendered, who were abandoned on the street(literally) and unfortunately even those who have aged and because of the expenses of keeping a healthy pet-those owners no longer want them. Nancy the director of this rescue goes above and beyond and takes in and truly provides for these animals unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Now providing a home, medical expenses and food doesn’t come cheap- so she does appreciate donations. American Profit Recovery has donated to them through our Summer Choice of Charities and knowing they will now get even the slightest bit of relief makes me smile from ear to ear.

I could go on and on about the many reasons why you should work for this company and why we are different from the next, but better yet- why don’t you find out for yourself and apply.

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Published On: November 18th, 2018Categories: Team APR

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