40 Hours (A 20th Century Idea)

When Henry Ford set the 40hour work week precedent in the 1920’s the math made sense. The automotive plants needed to run 24 hours a day to keep up with demand and 12hour shifts were too long for anyone, given the manual labor (work that is physically demanding) he expected from his employees; Notwithstanding the fact that during the industrial revolution there didn’t exist the many distractions of modern day life, dividing the workday up into three equal, 8hour parts made good sense.

Any compensation plan based solely on the number of hours worked is wedded to this idea: Wedded to the idea that no individual can work faster or more efficiently than the worker in […]

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Thoughts on what our mission means

Our mission here at American Profit Recovery is to provide our clients excellent financial services, as well as our employees with a worthwhile career. Such excellence speaks for itself through results. We must also always strive to do our best in helping our consumers to solve their financial problems. Here at APR, we hire the best people, teach and hold them to high standards, and we learn from actions while avoiding complacency. That helps everyone.

We model excellence in our leadership and management’s actions. Our Ownership and management team work together to model excellence, build trust and play an active part in the collection industry and our communities. Our motto could be “Achieve the Honorable!”   Our […]

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