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Why It’s Important to Use a Collection Agency Sooner

It’s critical for a business to stay on top of their receivables and it’s equally important to partner with a reputable collection agency sooner rather than later. Due to the importance of this subject we have put together some advice for businesses.

One solid fact about getting paid for your services is that the longer you wait to implement a collection procedure, the harder it is to get paid. Early intervention is a major factor in getting paid. The longer your bill stays out of the mind of your late or non-paying customer, your chances of getting paid are greatly reduced.

Sending out invoice after invoice without creating a sense of urgency with the customer proves to […]

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New Year Business Goals

Aside from making New Year’s resolutions in your personal life, you should make a New Year’s resolution for your business to keep a better eye on your cash flow. You might think you have a handle on it, but there is always room for improvement.

Cash flow is the key to every successful business. Keeping track of your receivables is something you don’t want to let slip.

Here are some things to consider:

1.  Who owes you money? : Get a firm handle on who owes the business money and create a plan to get your customers current. Always pay close attention to your outstanding receivables.

2.  Review your procedures for getting paid: Take a hard look at what […]

Small Business Saturday Advice

Small Businesses are the heart of the community, they benefit the economy, and provide jobs and we dedicate a day just for them on Small Business Saturday. This year this day is Saturday, November 30th and it is coming fast. Here at APR we work with many small businesses every day, and one thing that we hear is that they have a hard time getting paid on time. On time payment is critical to these small businesses that rely on these payments to keep their business running.

Many of these business owners are managing many tasks at once, including accounts receivable, and we know that when working with us their number one priority is getting […]

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Get Involved in Small Business Saturday 2013

Small Business Saturday is November 30th this year. These small businesses are an important part of our communities, and our economy. This is a great day to get out, get involved, shop local and support these businesses.

APR works with many small businesses and as Small Business Saturday gets closer we wanted to share some advice for those local small businesses on how to make the most of this day dedicated to you.

Use Available Resources: American Express founded Small Business Saturday in 2010, it is a day dedicated to supporting small businesses across the country. On their website they have many resources (most are free) that can help you promote this day in your business and […]

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How can a small business save money?

As a collection agency we are in the business of helping you get money you are owed, but we are also asked how a business can save money. How to save money is something the APR team is regularly asked by our clients, which is why we created this video. Here are the main points to consider when looking to save money in your business.

Have an annual budget:

-Do a budget every year

-Review on regular basis

-Knowing your numbers helps you save money

Pay your bills on time:

-You could be paying hundreds in unnecessary fees

-Check to see if your vendors offer discounts for early payments

Send out Invoices on time:

-Invoice for your services on time

-If you invoice […]

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How can I improve cash flow in my business?

If you’re looking for a few great suggestions on how to improve the cash flow in your business, we have many. We’ll start with four in our newly released video on the subject of cash flow.

Many businesses struggle with keeping enough cash on hand. And the reasons could be many; from poor internal accounting procedures to late and non-paying customers.

If you’re one of these businesses that might be having issues with cash flow, we have an important video below that outlines four of the most important steps to building back your cash flow.

Take three minutes to view the video and see if you’re doing all you can to keep the cash […]

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