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Best Business Advisors

We talk to business owners every day from a variety of fields including contractors, lawn care and medical professionals, who are all busy trying to build their business. We know that running a business can be difficult but if you have the help of these four business advisors you will be ready for anything.

Business Attorney: They will provide vital assistance in every aspect of your business, from basic zoning compliance, copyright and trademark advice to formal business incorporation, lawsuits and liability.

CPA (Certified Public Accountant): Financial professionals who analyze how money is used by businesses, audit financial statements, serve as consultants for tax, accounting, and financial planning. CPA’s are strategic advisors, beneficial […]

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The Importance of a Community for Businesses

Debt collections with the community in mind

Nothing builds good will faster than being a well-respected member of your community. Whether you are a small business and your community is a town or region, or you are a large business and your community is anywhere you do business, including the internet.

Businesses that treat their customers well are usually rewarded with good word of mouth marketing, which is something that cannot be bought. Those businesses that don’t have good customer service are also given word of mouth but in a very different way.

So why is a collection agency telling you this?

Actually it’s pretty simple. If you are in business you will at times have customers […]

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Why It’s Important to Use a Collection Agency Sooner

It’s critical for a business to stay on top of their receivables and it’s equally important to partner with a reputable collection agency sooner rather than later. Due to the importance of this subject we have put together some advice for businesses.

One solid fact about getting paid for your services is that the longer you wait to implement a collection procedure, the harder it is to get paid. Early intervention is a major factor in getting paid. The longer your bill stays out of the mind of your late or non-paying customer, your chances of getting paid are greatly reduced.

Sending out invoice after invoice without creating a sense of urgency with the customer proves to […]

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Caught Being Good Again

My son (3 yrs. old) goes to swim school every Monday…well, most Mondays.  Lately it’s been a bit of a challenge to make it every Monday but we try our best.  Due to this inconsistency my son’s enthusiasm for swimming diminished.  It became hard to even get him in the water, let alone listen to the teacher’s instructions.

At swim school the design is to teach the kids in phases and when they have progressed enough they get bumped up to the next phase, which comes with a brand new teacher.  As with any teacher/student relationship there are certain people you connect really well with and those you don’t.  My son connected really well with his […]

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Why should my business use a collection agency?

Businesses are sometimes hesitant to use a collection agency because of the less than favorable media attention our industry gets from time to time. However, if you work with a reputable collection agency that focuses on morals and ethics, there are clear benefits to having them by your side when trying to get paid.

Using a collection agency can preserve the relationship between business and customer. Getting help early in the process of collections will lay the groundwork for a faster resolution and will give you an improved chance of keeping your customer for the long term.

A reputable agency will not only take over the collection of accounts you give them but will also give you […]

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Small Business Saturday Advice

Small Businesses are the heart of the community, they benefit the economy, and provide jobs and we dedicate a day just for them on Small Business Saturday. This year this day is Saturday, November 30th and it is coming fast. Here at APR we work with many small businesses every day, and one thing that we hear is that they have a hard time getting paid on time. On time payment is critical to these small businesses that rely on these payments to keep their business running.

Many of these business owners are managing many tasks at once, including accounts receivable, and we know that when working with us their number one priority is getting […]

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Celebrate National Tradesmen Day with American Profit Recovery

September 20 is National Tradesmen Day, IRWIN Tools’ day dedicated to electricians, plumbers, mechanics, and many more. American Profit Recovery is proud to have helped many trades businesses and tradesmen recover profits over the years as well but in a different capacity; getting paid for what they do.

Tradesmen do the hard work that make our daily lives possible, but like any industry, late payments and delinquent accounts can be a big issue. To help trades businesses this National Tradesmen Day, APR wants to share some of its top tips for preventing and collecting on late payments.

If you’re in the trades, here’s some helpful advice for getting paid on time.

• Get it in Writing: Contracts are […]

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